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Rte bleue des baleines

Come and reconnect with nature and travel the Route bleue des baleines. Covering about 350 kilometres, it follows the north shore of the St. Lawrence estuary from Tadoussac-Sacré-Coeur to Baie-Trinité. You will be enchanted by its bays, natural harbours, coves and fine sand beaches, not to mention the extremely rich flora and fauna. In fact, you may even be joined by seals, belugas, and humpback whales.

On this trail sprinkled with towns and villages, you will find more than 80 stops to ensure your safety. With maps adapted to your needs, you will have all the necessary information to find the sites.

We encourage you to prepare well and go discover the Manicouagan maritime landscape along this unique waterway–the St. Lawrence River’s Route bleue des baleines! To add enjoyment to your journey, inquire about the region’s various land-based activities by visiting various local tourism information websites.


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